Keeping your personal information from prying eyes and malware protected, can not be easy. Using a folder lock it’s easy and reliable to use, application can be tremendously helpful and, additionally. Protecting your private files and folders has never been so easy. Lock Folder Lock File! lets you password-protect any folder or file you want. You can even utilize it to lock use of entire drives including flash media. As a result of this, the only individual who’ll have access to the files will be you, the password holder. This allows you to protect your files from accidental change or deletion, but also from unwanted visitors.

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Malicious software will also not be able to get through this barrier, so protecting your files from worms, Trojans and viruses. This extra layer of security will make your PC much more protected, particularly if your computer is shared. Lock Folder Lock File! Is the ideal treatment for use since it is user-friendly and provides maximum, security that is dependable. Knowledge or no expertise of computer security is needed and there is no steep learning curve to get started with. This alternative is perfect for any computer, notably those which are shared. For laptop computers, in addition, it provides protection for the info if the computer goes missing or gets stolen. While having your computer stolen is fatal already, it can be a lot worse if the person who stole it can access your private and financial data.

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buy oem software With a folder lock utility, they’ll never have the ability to reach this data, so it will be utterly worthless to them. The folder lock utility is versatile and highly compatible with a broad variety of arrangements. Both of the popular Windows file systems are supported (NTFS and FAT32). The master password holder is the only man who can even see the locked files and folders on the PC. This also provides an additional level of protection since the hidden files will be much harder to find by unauthorized users. This also helps to shield them from accidental deletion or modification. Since Lock Folder Lock File!

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can be used to shield any file, folder or drive, additionally, it may be used to shield your Windows desktop computer. What this means is that no one can inadvertently or intentionally delete or change files and shortcuts on the desktop. The applications may be used to do this at the same time if you’ve got a whole drive that you need to hide away and lock in. The folder lock program can be entirely configured from the system try and there are immediate commands for quickly and efficiently hiding specified files and folders in the Windows Explorer window which you are using. The software does not have any noticeable effect on the functionality of your PC and also makes a minimal footprint on the resources of your computer. Lock Folder Lock File! Is available as a 15 day trial version too.

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You can download this at web site. The site additionally includes further information and more detailed specifications on the software and the best way to utilize it. Purchasing the full version provides unlimited technical support and free upgrades for a fee that is modest. п»ї